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Our services

Holding Tummy

Antenatal class in your home

Offering Support

An antenatal class tailored around you in the comfort of your own home. We can cover any specific topics you wish and you will have ample opportunity for questions, perfect for those who do not have time to attend hospital.

Breastfeeding specific antenatal class

Informative and Compassionate

This class given in the comfort of your own home is specifically for those who wish to breastfeed. It would be particularly suitable for women who are wishing to breastfeed for the first time. This class is perfect to arm you with all the knowledge required for the perfect breastfeeding journey for you and your little one

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Breastfeeding class for those who wish to try again

Here for You

This class is perfect for you if you tried or wished to breastfeed a previous baby but for whatever reason you did not manage to meet your goals. We will come to your home and discuss previous barriers you may have encountered, provide a debrief and discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals this time around.

Postnatal support visit

Offering Support

A postnatal visit which will include a full postnatal check including blood pressure, breast check, checking of sutures or wound where applicable and lochia for the mother. For the baby we will weigh if required and perform a general assessment of wellbeing to reassure parents. General advice can be given around feeding, bathing, safe sleep and overall care for your little one.

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Postnatal breastfeeding consult

Informative and Compassionate

Have a fully qualified IBCLC lactation consultant come to your home and provide support to you during the postnatal period. This may be a general support visit to assess that all is going well or you may contact us if you are having a specific issue with feeding which needs addressed. We can also provide advice on weaning when the time is right for you or you may wish to have a consult before  you wish to return to work to make a plan which works for you and your little one.

Support for women suffering with anxiety or depression

Here for You

Have a midwife with a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy visit your home & provide an active listening and debrief service.

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Corporate service

Here for You

We can tailor make a package for your employees so they feel supported during pregnancy and afterwards making their transition to motherhood and return to work as smooth as possible.

The fourth trimester bundle

Midwife/lactation consult and professional cleaners dual bundle

The 4th trimester is the first 12 weeks of your little ones life. It is a time to cherish, a time to get to know your little one and to rest. Our 4th trimester bundle allows you to have a full postnatal check by a midwife after hospital discharge in your home, a lactation consult if required and 4 weeks of having a fully insured, garda vetted, professional cleaner come into your home to reduce your stress and give you the precious gift of time to enjoy your little one during this massive period of change & adjustment.

Hand on Bump

Combination packages can be arranged, please contact us if you have any specific queries or concerns and we will be happy to meet your needs. All services are 20% tax deductible and are covered by many health insurance policies.